Chapter one the capture Edit

   Today is the big day.  Thought Delco as she and Aidan were heading to intercept a special new type of weapon.  Today I finally get to take a brake from war. she thought .then suddenly there jeep was attacked . Delco and Aidan were separated.  Surprisingly   they were not attacked by kaledorians. the were attacked by a small tribe. Aidan excaped , but Delco wasn't that fourtunet. she was captured by that tribe, and they would use her as a sacrifice. On the way there they took of Delco's feather coat.  They starved her and they baet her a little bit. Why are they doing this to me.  

thougt Delco.

finally they reached the small village. Then suddenly another dilophosaurus came and freed Delco.

Chapter II the wandering Edit

 "who are you" asked Delco.

 "I'm frandlo" said frandlo.

 "hello frandlo" said Delco.

"SCREEEEEEEEEEEA" screamed a wild dynonichies

 "Run" chirped Frandlo

they ran through the wilderness , until they lost the dynonichieses. They reached a place that Aidan had talked about.

  then Delco said, "were at the northern border"

  "so?" asked frandlo

   " we shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be here. I need to find my master," Delco replied

       " you think you can find your master out here?"

 "your alone without me it's to dangerous," said frandlo

 "alright I'll follow you" Delco said.

 eventually the two dilophasauruses made it to the the forest beyond the city teritory.

They came to rest stop that many wild dinosaurs stop at when they travel. there they got fresh meet.

Chapter III the returne Edit

 eventually the two dilophosauruses became mates and they returned two Jorfed.

                                             The end

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