How the war started Edit

The war started when another war ended. That war caused most of the major cities to crumble into small tribes.over time the tribes joined together into two cities. There was a city of light called Jordfed  and a city of darknes called Kaledor. The two cities were rivals, and there rivalty became wores when meteor larger than the White house hit the area. That caused it to become worse because the meteorite was composed of valueble metals inclueding gold, steal and bronze. The two cities became aware of the meteaorite around the same time. They both sent thier best wariors. When they got there the two cities' best wariors foght over the meteorite. the city of Jordfed won over the meteorite. Kaledor declared war on Jordfed, but both cities mined gold, steel and bronze from the meteorite. Even though they shared the meteorite they still fought. to find out more about the war go to weapons.

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