Who he is Edit

Aidan laker is an army sergeant for the Jordfed grand army.

Early life Edit

Aidan laker was not always a war sergeant. he was once a peasent boy working hard with his parents to keep their business alive. when he was about 5 they had to move from his wheat selling business and had find a job in the inner city. fortuneatly they found a job  a job as motel maids. when he was 8 that motel burnt down, so his family had to live on the street. He lived on the street until he was 10 years old. when he was ten he got an offer that might be able to save his family. An  army recruter asked him if he would be willing to jointhe grand army.  

Early war life Edit

When Aidan got to the training facilities he met a comrad that would change his war life forever he said "I pick that one"

  "alright she's about the same age as you. that is if she were in human years," said an officer .

 "what's her name?" Aidan.

 "she hasn't been named yet. what would you like to name her?" asked the officer.

"I'll name her hhmm.. Delco" Aidan said. 

  Aidan then said 'by the way what is she?"

"she's a dilophasaurus"said the officer.

By the time the conversation was over Aidan and Delco had become great friends.

current war life Edit

 Aidan is now 15 and Delco is about 5 years old. they are about to execute an attack strategy called attack strategy beta... to be continued .

       to see more info on the upcoming battle see Aidan's battle journle

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